Results for Insemination with donor sperm

Dansk Fertilitetsklinik's results 2018 still better than Danish National data

For women below 40 years, 18.3% had a living fetus after insemination and for women 40 years and older, only 8.8% had a living fetus. For comparison, the Danish National data report 15.5% living fetus per insemination with donor semen for all women less than 40 years and 7.05% for women 40 years and older. *Source: Dansk Fertilitetsselskab (, annual reports)

  • Positive pregnancy test after insemination with donorsperm
  • Living foetus week 8


The statistics demonstrate how the age of the women influences the pregnancy chance. We offer a maximum of 6 donor inseminations for women below 40 years and 3 inseminations for women 40-43 years. We recommend that women over 40 years proceed directly to IVF since the pregnancy chance with IVF treatment is much higher.