Insemination with partner sperm

Dansk Fertilitetsklinik has very good results

For comparison, the Danish National data 2017 report 12,7% living foetus per insemination for all women less than 40 years, in  2018 Dansk Fertilitetsklinik has 14.9%. For women over 40 years 7,3% have a living foetus, at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik 2018 9.7%. Source: Dansk Fertilitetsselskab ( , annual reports)

  • Positive pregnancy test after insemination with partnersperm
  • Living foetus week 8


Our results demonstrate the fast decline in pregnancy rates depending on the women's age. We offer 3 inseminations with partnersperm. However, we recommend IVF for alle women 40 years and above, as the chances are much higher with IVF instead of insemination.