In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)

IVF/ICSI 2015: once more best results of all Danish clinics!

  • Positive pregnancy test after embryo transfer
  • Living foetus week 8

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Dansk Fertilitetsklinik's results for 2015 once more surpass the Danish National IVF results. Our ongoing pregnancy rate per embryo transfer was 34,7%, compared to 29,7% for all Danish clinics. We transfer less embryos per pregnancy than other private Danish IVF clinics (, annual reports).


We are best in choosing the right embryo

Our success is especially due to the fact, that we have performed more blastocyst transfers in women with several good quality embryos on day 2. In 2015 we performed single embryo transfer (SET) in 84% of all transfers in women under 40 years, which is more than any other Danish private clinic. For women 40-43 years the number of single embryo transfer was 41%. For women under 40 years, 3,8% had a twin pregnancy, over 40 years also 3,8% expected twins.

We think the improvement is due to the fact that we culture all embryos in the embryoscope, which helps us choosing the right embryo for transfer.