We strive to give our patients a good experience when they come to our clinic. And we are fortunate that some of the patients we have had the pleasure of helping would like to share their story here.

One thing we found particularly appealing was that the doctors consulted each other, thus drawing on their shared expertise. It was all very professional, and it was a relief to be able to lean back feeling that we were in safe hands.
Our choice had nothing to do with price. We chose the option that gave us the best possible chance for another pregnancy, and we could not have asked for a better experience than the one we had with Dansk Fertilitetsklinik.
After our first visit at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik, we saw no need to see other clinics. Our gut feeling was telling us that this was the right place for us.
It was very important to us that everyone was friendly and received us in the kindest possible way from the very first time we visited the clinic. We could feel that the receptionists, nurses and doctors went out of their way to make us feel at ease.
Many years of despair, anxiety and frustration came to an end when Camilla received the good news from Dansk Fertilitetsklinik. She only needed the answer to one question - "How many are there?"...
No one had expected that it would be so difficult to become parents. Read Bella's and Christian's story. It is worth it to keep trying even when things look difficult, even hopeless at times.
It was not easy for Iben to get the child she had always wanted. Read the story of her experiences with fertility treatment and of her way of dealing with her disappointment when things did not go as smoothly as she had hoped.
It is difficult to undergo fertility treatment, because there is no guarantee that the treatment will lead to the desired result. Read the story of C. and how she felt about having fertility treatment without getting pregnant.
Dansk Fertilitetsklinik also offers IVF treatment to patients who are resident abroad. Many Danish expatriates feel more comfortable with having their treatment in Denmark, while the stimulation itself can take place abroad. Merethe and Morten have tried it.
Sometimes it is hard to undergo fertility treatment, especially if it does not lead to success.
Even after three cycles of IVF treatment without getting pregnant, the dream of a family can become true. Christine has now two boys and is already dreaming of a little sister for them...