Fourth time lucky

After a long and dissatisfying course of treatments at a private fertility clinic, we were referred to the Copenhagen University Hospital where I became pregnant with Herman following IVF treatment.

However, when the wish for a second child soon became pressing, treatment at a public hospital was not an option, and the staff at the hospital fertility department recommended that we use Dansk Fertilitetsklinik.

Fourth time lucky

We were anxiously waiting to start treatment because of our bad experience with the first private clinic, which was generally characterised by busyness, sloppiness, indifference and lack of responsibility.

However, Dansk Fertilitetsklinik was anything but that. After an interview with Ursula, she devised a new treatment plan giving due consideration to our previous treatments, and she took the time to answer all of our many questions.

Just as with our first child, it wasn't a straightforward task, but after four attempts of ICSI I finally became pregnant with Ingeborg. In the year we spent in treatment at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik, our experiences with the clinic staff were only positive, and we always felt taken seriously and well cared for, both at a personal and professional level.

Fertility treatment is an intensely arduous process.

Thanks to the doctors, nurses, laboratory staff and secretaries, however, the process was much less emotionally stressful than we had expected. I would happily recommend Dansk Fertilitetsklinik to others who need help to realise their dream of having children.

Iben, age 28, mother of Herman & Ingeborg