How to get started

Book an appointment today
You make an appointment for an interview by calling us on +45 3834 9030 or by using our contact form. You will find our contact information here.

The important introductory interview
The first step of the process when you seek our help is your initial interview and examination by one of our specialists. Together you and our specialist develop a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs. The consultation is free for citizens living in Denmark if you bring a referral from your own GP. Foreign patients have to pay for the introductory interview.

Referral from your own GP
We always need a referral from your own GP before we begin the process at our clinic. Your GP does not need to examine you before you come to us, but if he or she wants to, a list of the necessary examinations and tests is available here.

If you come from abroad
WE kindly ask you to have an AMH-test done. This tells us about your ovarian reserve, and whether we can offer you treatment. We can do all other necessary tests during the introductory interview.

Foreign patients, who want to have the tests done at home, find the list under Patient Information.

What happens during the interview
At the initial consultation we will examine and test both of you in order to obtain the information necessary to begin your treatment as quickly as possible. It is therefore very important that you return the questionnaires in good time before the initial consultation.

If you have previously been treated for infertility, you presumably know the cause of the problem and we can begin treatment immediately. It may be very helpful if you send us the stimulation and embryo schedules from your previous treatments before the consultation.

If you have not been examined earlier, we will first determine which kind of treatment you need. As soon as we have the results of your tests we will make a plan for your treatment together with you.

Gravid efter barnløshedsbehandling med donorsæd på Dansk Fertilitetsklinik
Gravid efter barnløshedsbehandling med donorsæd på Dansk Fertilitetsklinik