After you have become pregnant

When do I need to come for the early pregnancy ultrasound?

You must come 3 weeks after the positive pregnancy test. At this time point we expect to be able to see a foetus with a heartbeat,

When do I have to stop the luteal phase support after IVF treatment?

Normally, you must stop 3 weeks after the positive pregnancy test, which means you stop after the early pregnancy scan. Some clinics already stop when the pregnancy test is positive. However, the clinical investigations demonstrating that you can stop that early cannot exclude that up to 5% of women will have an abortion stopping early. Therefore we recommend that you continue until the pregnancy scan.

Women who have become pregnant with frozen-thawed embryos in a hormone controlled cycle need to continue until 3 weeks after the pregnancy scan.

When do I need to consult my GP?

You must contact your GP after the pregnancy scan.

What about medication, alcohol, smoking, tea and coffee?

Have a look at our homepage under Research and Lifestyle where you find more information.

I have become pregnant with donor semen. What about paternity?

If you need documentation that you have become pregnant using donor semen, you can send a letter to us and we will confirm that this is correct.

How can I reserve donor semen for a sibling?

If you have bought the donor semen at our clinic, you can contact us and ask for the donor number and cryobank. Thereafter you can contact the cryobank and create a depot for siblings. It is important that you tell the cryobank you already have a child with this donor. If you have bought the semen yourself at the cryobank, you contact the cryobank directly for reservation of more semen for a sibling.