Especially for the male

Although many men feel that their partner is the primary person being treated by the physician, optimisation of male fertility is very important. The semen production is very sensitive to temperature increases. Especially the immature semen cells are damaged when the temperature in the testicles exceeds 34 degrees Celcius. Therefore the man should omit all activities that can increase the temperature up to 3 months before we need the semen sample.

Male lifestyle
Artificial sweeteners, hot tub and sauna, hot sun bathes and constantly heat in the car seat reduce semen quality. Also remember that a fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius or more decreases sperm quality and especially sperm ability to fertilize the egg in 3 months afterwards! We cannot see it in the semen sample, so remember to tell us! It often results in cancellation of the actual treatment.

Underweight and overweight, large quantities of alcohol, too little exercise, chemicals, radioactive radiation and medicines also can affect the fertility of the man.

Smoking plays also a role in male fertility. If the man has reduced semen quality, he should stop smoking, since tar and cadmium in smoke destroys sperm DNA (genetic material).

We recommend
A multivitamin tablet with minerals and folic acid (0.4 mg) daily is good for men with reduced semen quality, as well as a daily intake of 40 micrograms of vitamin D from October 1st until May 1st. If you do no feel well, check your temperature!

Sædprøve: lægesamtale om resultat efter sædoprensning
Sædprøve: lægesamtale om resultat efter sædoprensning