Our knowledge about the influence of medications on the developing fetus is very limited.

If you take any medication
If you are to take daily medication, please, consult your doctor before you become pregnant and ask whether you should change your prescribed medication. You must always consult the prescribing physician regarding any change of medication. As fertility specialists we cannot interfere in the treatment you have with other medical specialists.

We recommend
Reduce your intake of medication during the stimulation and pregnancy to a minimum. We cannot recommend naturopathic medications, since their influence on the foetus is mostly unknown.

If you need painkillers, we recommend paracetamol. Painkillers belonging to the group of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs should be omitted during stimulation and the second half of pregnancy.

In any case of doubt: ask you pharmacist or your physician.

Gravid efter IVF behandling på Dansk Fertilitetsklinik
Gravid efter IVF behandling på Dansk Fertilitetsklinik