Female smokers
Fertility is generally reduced if the woman smokes. This means that you can become pregnant, but it will take longer time to obtain a pregnancy. We all know female smokers who have become pregnant. However, this does not change the fact that they may not have had any fertility problems, and thus not a limited number of attempts as you have. In addition, it is a lot more fun to get pregnant naturally than having treatments at the fertility clinic.

In popular terms, smoking makes your ovaries 10 years older! Smokers need more hormones for follicle stimulation and do not respond as good as non-smokers. The risk of an ectopic pregnancy is increased for female smokers, also in connection with IVF treatment, as is the risk of having a spontaneous abortion. The combination of advanced age and smoking clearly reduces the chances of pregnancy.

New scientific investigations have demonstrated that smoking during pregnancy also affects the fertility of the unborn child. Smoking is one of the issues suspected for causing bad semen quality in male offspring.

If you become pregnant, the chances of having a normal pregnancy ending in the birth of a healthy child are higher if you quit smoking. In addition, the child has a lower risk of developing asthma, allergy etc. if it lives in a tobacco-free environment.

Male smokers
Whether or not your male partner smokes is of less importance for your fertility, provided that his semen quality is normal. However, tar and cadmium in the smoke affect the DNA quality of the sperm cells, especially in men with reduced semen quality. Remember, it takes 3 months to produce a mature sperm cell.

For the above reasons, the male partner should also quit before you start treatment, particularly also to demonstrate solidarity to you. Experience shows that it is difficult to quit smoking if the other party continues.

We recommend
There are many good reasons for us to strongly recommend everyone to quit smoking before and during treatment.

IVF behandling: alle æg dyrkes i embryoscopet - Dansk Fertilitetsklinik
IVF behandling: alle æg dyrkes i embryoscopet - Dansk Fertilitetsklinik