Ongoing Studies

Research and development is an important part of Danish Fertility Clinics work, as we constantly try to improve treatments and results.

The clinic's doctors, nurses and embryologists are trained in clinical and laboratory research under GCP rules. One of our doctors is also certified GCP monitor.

We are currently conducting a study regarding embryo development in the Embryoscope in women age 38-45 years. It is an observational study, and we ask for your consent to store anonymous data regarding your treatment in our research database. Our aim is to have data from 450-600 treatments collected from 2013-2015. You are very welcome to ask the doctors for more information.

Some research projects are created by us in the clinic, others are performed in collaboration with other Danish and foreign clinics and universities in multicentre projects. In this way we can offer the latest advances in fertility treatment. We are working to develop better and more gentle treatment methods and improving the chances of selecting the best embryos available for transfer.