Treatments for Lesbian Women with IVF, Oocyte Donation or Insemination.

Dansk Fertilitetsklinik provides all scientifically proven types of infertility treatment. During your initial interview with our fertility specialist, he or she will explain and describe the procedure of IVF, egg donation or insemination to you very thoroughly. A detailed description of each of the treatments is given on the pages accessed via the links below.

Investigation in to the cause of infertility
At Dansk Fertilitetsklinik, we are experts in both diagnosing the causes of fertility problems and their treatment. We will test both of you, and together with you we will determine the best treatment for you based on the results of those tests.

Treatment options:

IVF og insemination for singles og lesbiske kvinder
IVF og insemination for singles og lesbiske kvinder

What you can expect as a patient at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik

  • The introductory interview takes 1 hour
  • We want to know about you and your situation
  • We try to learn from your previous treatments to optimise the next treatment, in case you have not become pregnant
  • A nice and comfortable atmosphere without having to wait in the waiting rom
  • Appointments for ultrasound scanning early morning and late afternoon
  • Our laboratory masters the latest techniques and has up-to-date equipment
  • The embryos are monitored around the clock in the embryoscope
  • We are superior at choosing the right embryo for transfer
  • We are the private clinic in Denmark that transfers the lowest number of embryos to obtain a pregnancy
  • Our results are consistently in the top three among all clinics in Denmark