Oocyte donation for lesbian couples

Egg donation means that an egg from another woman is fertilised with the man's sperm and subsequently transferred to the uterus of the recipient woman. This treatment is suited for women who are unable to produce own eggs of a sufficiently good quality or who have a genetic disease that they do not wish to pass on to their children.

It is a statutory requirement that one of the donors must be an open donor, so the child has a chance to know more about his ancestry in the future.

We have egg donors ready for you

You are permitted to bring your own known donor if you require egg donation. Your mother or daughter may not donate eggs, but your sister, a friend or any other member of your family would be suitable donors. Cross donation will also be permitted, whilst the use of surrogate mothers remains prohibited.

The waiting time for donor eggs is approximately 1-3 month, dependent on the donorprofile. Contact us for more specific information.

Donate eggs to your partner

You an also donate eggs to your partner. However, there must be a medical reason for your partner needing egg donation. The idea of sharing the pregnancy by donating eggs within the lesbian relationship is no medical reason.

We need more egg donors

It is permitted to use volunteer egg donors in Denmark. Cross donation is also permitted. It is up to the donor whether she wants to be anonymous, open or known, or whether she wants to help a specific person by donating eggs to the shared pool of donated eggs by means of cross donation. We are therefore very interested in hearing from women between the ages of 18 and 35 who live in Denmark, and who would be interested in donating eggs. The more donors we have, the more women we can help.

We are allowed to pay you 7000 DKK for a donation (july 2016), and you have to pay tax.

Women who are undergoing IVF treatment and are between 18 and 35 may also choose to donate eggs. If you would like to donate some of your eggs to another woman, please tell us before you start treatment, as we will need to take some extra blood samples before we collect your eggs.


What you can expect as a patient at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik

  • The introductory interview takes 1 hour
  • We want to know about you and your situation
  • We try to learn from your previous treatments to optimise the next treatment, in case you have not become pregnant
  • A nice and comfortable atmosphere without having to wait in the waiting rom
  • Appointments for ultrasound scanning early morning and late afternoon
  • Our laboratory masters the latest techniques and has up-to-date equipment
  • The embryos are monitored around the clock in the embryoscope
  • We are superior at choosing the right embryo for transfer
  • We are the private clinic in Denmark that transfers the lowest number of embryos to obtain a pregnancy
  • Our results are consistently in the top three among all clinics in Denmark