Insemination with donor sperm for lesbians

If you are eligible for insemination treatment but do not have a male partner, you can buy open or anonymous donor semen at our clinic.

Natural cycle
If the woman is young, we will often try to perform the first insemination during a natural cycle where we use ultrasound to monitor the development of the single egg usually released by a woman during her regular ovulation period. When the egg is about to be released from the ovary, you will have to give yourself an ovulation-inducing hormone injection to allow us to control the timing of your ovulation.

When the sperm cells are inseminated they are passed through the cervical canal into the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes around the time of ovulation, when the chance of fertilisation is greatest. This way up to 100 times more sperm cells reach the fallopian tubes, compared to normal sexual intercourse.

Hormone stimulation
If you do not get pregnant by insemination during your natural cycle, we will often use a mild hormonal stimulation given as injections into the abdominal skin for a few days, which will cause two or three eggs to mature instead of the single egg normally released by a woman during her regular ovulation period. If more than one egg is fertilised, there is a chance that you will get pregnant with twins (triplets are extremely seldom). We will teach you how to administer the injections yourself at home.

If the procedure is not successful, IVF treatment using donor sperm may be the next option.

Insemination is not as successful as IVF. Most women become pregnant within the first 2 to 3 inseminations. Therefore we offer up to six inseminations to women up to 39 years, and 3 inseminations for women 40 to 43 years. We do not offer insemination treatment to women above 43 years, as the chance of having a child in this age is too small, but recommend IVF instead.

If you have a Danish cpr number and bring a referral from your own GP, examinations, ultrasound scans and insemination will be free of charge with your yellow card. You only pay for medication and donor sperm. Patients from abroad have to pay themselves.

Donor sperm
As of 1 October 2012 you may choose to use sperm from a known/open donor rather than from an anonymous one. The donor sperm can be purchased at our clinic. We only use donor sperm from a certified sperm bank.

You can also buy your own donorsperm directly from the spermbank. In that case, you will have to pay for transportation, receipt and storage of your donorsperm at the clinic. In case the donor is quarantined, we are not allowed to use the sperm, even if the sperm is already at the clinic.

Insemination med donorsæd for singles og lesbiske kvinder
Insemination med donorsæd for singles og lesbiske kvinder

What you can expect as a patient at Dansk Fertilitetsklinik

  • The introductory interview takes 1 hour
  • We want to know about you and your situation
  • We try to learn from your previous treatments to optimise the next treatment, in case you have not become pregnant
  • A nice and comfortable atmosphere without having to wait in the waiting rom
  • Appointments for ultrasound scanning early morning and late afternoon
  • Our laboratory masters the latest techniques and has up-to-date equipment
  • The embryos are monitored around the clock in the embryoscope
  • We are superior at choosing the right embryo for transfer
  • We are the private clinic in Denmark that transfers the lowest number of embryos to obtain a pregnancy
  • Our results are consistently in the top three among all clinics in Denmark